• NodeJS Developer

    Experience Level : 2 years +

    • Ability to understand technical API blueprints and convert it into server-side javascript code
    • Basic understanding of javascript including callbacks, event loop, promises and process management
    • Understanding and experience with basic nodeJS modules such as fs, async, moment, underscore, express, mongoose etc.
    • Database transactions, queries and schema management at code level
    • Technical communication skills for discussion

    Job Location : Gurugram / Gandhinagar

  • UI Designer

    Experience Level : 2 years +

    • Basic understanding of HTML, javascript, CSS
    • Familiarity with popular CSS frameworks such as bootstrap, semantic UI etc.
    • Familiarity with popular javascript frameworks such as jQuery, VueJS, moment,, bootstrap etc.
    • Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, canvas, SVG and animations
    • Extra : Knowledge of HTML5 game development frameworks and methods

    Job Location : Gurugram / Gandhinagar


Gurugram , Haryana

527-528, Vipul Trade Center,
Sector-48, Gurugram
Haryana, India
Phone: +91-0124-4009257

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Gandhinagar , Gujarat

G-20, Sidhhraj Zori,
Sargasan Cross Road, Gandhinagar,
Gujarat, India
Phone: +91-9574042955

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