All-in-one Publisher Monetization Platform

Adacts Supply-side Platform (SSP) is self-serve all-in-one monetization platform designed to provide maximum revenue to the publishers. The platform provides multiple mediums of monetization for publishers like banner, video, smartlink and pop. Our platform is connected with global demand partners through multiple channels across the world.

Maximum Revenue Through Smart Algorithms

Adacts SSP is developed with focus on maximising publisher revenue by applying multiple smart algorithms for serving ads on your adspaces. These smart algorithms act in real-time to select best advertise partner for your adspace. Our dedicated team continuously monitor performance of your adspaces and strive to improve revenue of publishers to the maximum potential.

Live & Transparent Statistics

The platform statistics update in real-time without refreshing a page. You can see requests, impressions, revenue and many more metrics live in your dashboard and understand how your traffic is flowing through our platform. This will help you understand your own traffic and as well provides very transparent way to monetize your traffic in the market.

Deep Insights Through Dimensional Reports

Learn more about visitors and end-users viewing advertise on your sites through detailed dimensional reports. Dimensional reports provide you very detailed information about your traffic as well as performance of your adspaces. Exploring all the dimensions like countries, carriers, ISP, browsers, operating systems, device manufacturers etc. opens the new potential to understand efficiency and performance of your adspaces and optimise them in innovative ways.

Transparent Detailed Traffic Logs

You can view detailed logs about each click passing through our platform from your adspaces. This enables you to explore your traffic via raw logs in real-time and provides information like referral page, IP address, country, carrier, operating system, browser etc. for each click in detail.

Postback Based Integration For Tracking Payout

While using Adacts Smartlink, if you are sending traffic through media buying or just want to keep track of your payout in your own system, you can easily setup your postback in our dashboard. The platform will provide postback to your system whenever conversion happens and you can easily keep track of your profit in third-party tracking systems. You can also purchase traffic through various exchanges using self-serve ​Adacts Demand-side Platform (DSP) and send it to Adacts SSP Smartlink ​and track your spendings, payout, P&L (Profit & Loss) in real-time in media buying platform.

Hassle-free Payment Options

We currently provide paypal and bank transfer as payment methods. Payments are generated in first week of every month and usually processed within 20 days after payment note is generated. Although, this is standard term, we also work on flexible payment terms as per requirements of publishers. Please contact your AM (Account Manager) to have more information on this.

Ad-Quality Management & Scanning of Demand

We have cutting-edge technologies to scan quality of advertisements displayed on your adspaces. These technologies ensure that no offensive, auto-redirect or low quality advertisements are displayed on your adspaces. Low quality advertisements can decrease ranking of your websites in search engines like Google or Bing. We ensure that your website stays up to the mark in search engines.

Mainstream & Adult

We are integrated with global demand partners of both mainstream and adult worlds of the industry. Either you have mainstream website or adult, we have solution to monetize your adspaces anyways.


The video advertisement channel provides various types of monetization for your adspace by displaying video advertisement to your users. The growing video advertising industry enables you to take advantage of this market and make more revenue using your same traditional userbase.
There are following sub-channels available while monetizing through video :

  1. In-banner Video : Video advertisements are displayed in stand-alone space just like banners. You can choose from variety of standard sizes supported by global market.
  2. In-stream Video : Video advertisements are displayed in-between your content video, same as youtube or any other video portal displaying advertisements by pausing the content for a while. We provide you range of options to control behaviour of this advertisement.
  3. Rewarded Video : ​If your site deals with providing reward to the users for watching advertisement videos, this sub-channel is best for your use case.